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14 Adventure courses

The tracks were designed and divided according to difficulty and to the targeted public. Thus, there are tracks suitable both for adults and children, with different workshops with platforms maximum 2 meters high, and tracks exclusively for adults, made up of workshops with platforms set at heights between 9 meters and maximum 12 meters.
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Parties for kids

Paradis Land fun is not just tracks. We have prepared for you multiple activities that combine relaxation and fun, offering an unforgettable experience both to the user and to the companions.
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Climbing wall

Life is different at 8 meters high up! Yes, we refer to the climbing wall from PARADIS LAND. Made up of boards with positive, negative and neutral steepness, the climbing board represents one of the challenges of our park. Each wall has got 7 routes with different difficulty levels. Once you set your hand and foot on the holds, the desire to reach the top is unstoppable.
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Other activities – archery and air soft

In a constant development, PARADIS Land brings to the attention of our visitors new activities of relaxation and of “precision”. Since ancient times, archery has been the activity preferred by knights and by those searching for adventure. That is why it was natural for PARADIS LAND to complete the adventure with a game of precision and artistry. AIR SOFT –this Japanese game appeared in 1980 completes the series of relaxation activities in PARADIS LAND.
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Airsoft and bow and arrow

 Aleea Plopilor, Neptun – Mangalia |  0756.166.611 Facebook Twitter Google-plus Instagram The series of adventures in PARADIS LAND has increased in the past few days with two new activities.  Archery and Airsoft are the latest challenges that you are invited to try in our park.  © 2018 PARADIS LAND NEPTUN – THE FIRST PARC OF ADVENTURE FROM

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